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  Help protect your building contents in the event of flooding. Available in two models at the same price, Flood Barrier Shield is designed for placement in front of doors. Model #2070 has aluminum channel brackets pre-mounted to door frames or walls. The water-tight aluminum shield can be easily inserted into the brackets and secured when needed, to keep water out. Neoprene rubber attached to the sides and bottom of the shield sections ensures a water-tight seal and also compensates for any gaps at thresholds or sills. Neoprene gaskets attached to channel-free model #2060 are secured against door stops and sills by tightening adjusting screws, to provide the same protection.

The model #2070 door Flood Barrier is available in stock heights of 10” 20", 24", 30", 36" or made to specific heights.
The window Flood Barrier model #2080 is available in stock heights of 10” 20", 30" or made to specific heights.
The model #2060 door Flood Barrier is available in stock heights of 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” or made to specific heights.
Each Flood Barrier shield is custom fabricated.
Specify the width and height needed. Also specify the inside or outside mounting option shown on specification page for model #2070.
Flood Barrier is patent pending*
Associated Press photo showing make-shift barriers during a recent flood. Our Flood Barrier Shield is a better, safer way to go!

According to insurance underwriters, flood insurance premium costs may be reduced on submittal of proper product and installation documentation regarding use of Flood Barrier Shield. Zero will provide product certification for this purpose.

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